About Albert Scaglione

For more than 40 years, Albert Scaglione has contributed to the global art community by making pieces from old masters and prime examples of contemporary art available to a wide audience. As the Chief Executive Officer of Park West Gallery, which he founded in 1969, Albert Scaglione ensures that the company delivers high quality artwork and excellent customer service to collectors. At present, Park West Gallery maintains two locations in Southfield, Michigan, and Miami, Florida. In addition, the gallery provides artwork for auctions throughout North America and on several major American cruise lines. Scaglione’s Park West Gallery features the works of some of today’s most popular artists, including Yaacov Agam, pioneer of kinetic art, and Victor Vasarely, one of the leaders in the optical art movement, as well as Peter Max.

Along with his wife, Mitsie, Albert Scaglione founded the Park West Foundation in 2006. The foundation offers support to young women who have been a part of a state-sponsored care system and then “age-out.” The Scagliones’ Park West Cares initiative, established in 2010, has led to artwork and basic necessities being donated to charitable groups. Mitsie and Albert Scaglione also support Helping Hands Community Outreach, which works with children to develop leadership skills and other abilities necessary for succeeding in today’s world. Other initiatives the Scagliones contribute to include the March of Dimes Foundation, the Marilyn Rodman Theatre for Kids, and Broadway across America.

Before immersing himself in the art community, Albert Scaglione served as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Detroit’s Wayne State University, having earned a Ph.D. in the subject from Michigan State University. While teaching, Albert Scaglione also undertook research for NASA, focusing on technologies such as heat shields, and a potential means of landing astronauts on Mars. After NASA began taking research in a different direction, Scaglione decided to enter the art world, pursuing an interest he had held since he was a teenager.


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