Tips for Visiting Art Galleries with Children, Part 2

By Albert Scaglione

Our advice for helping children get the most out of their visit to an art gallery concludes with several additional pointers.

5. View Installation Art Installation art consists of three-dimensional pieces that alter one’s perception of a space. Children tend to enjoy installation art, as it is often more inviting and interesting to them than endless walls of paintings and sculptures. Some installation art is interactive, making it even more appealing to younger viewers. Check to see if your local art gallery collects installation art, and make sure your children get to see it before the end of your visit.

6. Utilize Facilities These days, most art galleries have specific galleries and activities to keep children entertained and interested in art. Try to coordinate your visit with any events your chosen gallery has planned.

7. Attend Child-Oriented Guided Tours To extend the previous tip, many galleries offer guided tours for children and their parents. Such tours are often hosted by tour guides, who engage children’s sense of humor and curiosity by telling them the stories behind the works of art. In addition to guides, some museums have audio tours created specifically for children.

8. Limit Your Visit As much as children enjoy learning, they can only take so much walking around before they become tired and irritable. Remember to map out your visit so you can see a gallery’s highlights in a somewhat short timeframe. Aim for your visit to last three to four hours, and then head home.

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Albert Scaglione | BigSight