An avid philanthropist, Albert Scaglione supports NOVACO, Inc., an organization that works to help people without homes and those that have experienced abuse. Aiming to encourage healthier, self-sufficient, and secure individuals, NOVACO offers counseling, childcare and mentoring, as well as substantial assistance with financial management, housing, and education. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, NOVACO operates with the help of numerous volunteers, supporters, and generous donations. NOVACO also puts on events throughout the year to raise funds for its cause. Past events have included rummage sales, training seminars, and festivals. In the upcoming year, NOVACO looks forward to hosting Victory over Violence: A World of Difference Gala, as well as a number of auction events and benefits.

The Good Neighbor program also represents an integral part of NOVACO’s efforts. Assisting single-family households that have overcome abuse, the Good Neighbor program offers donations, tutoring, and counseling to those in need. These individuals benefit from help that can easily be found throughout the local community.

Additionally, the Virginia Individual Development Account (VIDA) program aims to help low-income families build savings through a 2:1 matching program with NOVACO. Teaching individuals about controlling expenses and saving for goals remains a key educational aspect of the program, allowing individuals to become self-sufficient and financially secure. According to one successful program graduate, “I got the confidence I needed and the financial freedom I was looking for. This program gave me a sense that homeownership is possible!”

Major sponsors of NOVACO include Exxon Mobil Corporation, Allstate Insurance Company, Fannie Mae, Giving Circle of HOPE, and the Rotary Club of Vienna, Inc.